About Dvir Abramovich

Dr. Dvir Abramovich is a highly respected, much sought-after author, commentator and academic who has travelled all over the country and abroad speaking to organisations, community groups, schools, universities and institutions on a variety of topics and to audiences of various sizes and backgrounds. His engaging, warm and humorous style has delighted and captivated thousands of people for more than 20 years. He is considered one of the country’s leading experts on Israeli society and politics, The Arab-Israeli conflict and the Jewish world, his insights are relevant to everyone, from high school students to corporate executives.
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Topics of Presentations

  • The Holocaust: Humanity’s Worst Chapter
  • Anti-Semitism- The most persistent hatred in history
  • The Demon that won’t die: Jewish Hatred Throughout the Ages
  • Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions: The New Anti-Semitism
  • Israeli Politics 101
  • The Arab Israeli conflict 101
  • The Rabin Assassination: A dark chapter for Israel
  • The Israeli-Palestinian dispute: Can there be peace?
  • The World vs Israel
  • The Six Day War: The spectacular Victory
  • The Yom Kippur War: Near defeat for the Jewish state
  • The two Palestinian Uprisings
  • Jerusalem: A city of Peace and Division
  • What is this thing called Zionism
  • Israeli Cinema: Bringing Israel to the World
  • Reconciliation between Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians
  • I am woman hear me roar— Israeli feminism
  • Israeli Culture for Dummies
  • Amos Oz: Israel’s Greatest Author
  • Hitler and the Nazis are not funny so stop laughing!

Dvir Abramovich is the ultimate speaker.

He is a keen observer of the modern world and a respected, thoughtful community activist. In other words, he is a rare and gifted individual who is engaged with contemporary issues.  Witty, polished and deep, his style is memorable and captivating. A skilled teacher with the soul of a poet, his presentations transcend age and gender and  are filled with interesting content that  more than fulfil everyone’s expectations. He brings so much excitement to his presentations and makes the difficult seems easy. A winning speaker for any audience who wants to be moved and entertained.

Rabbi Dr John Levi AM, PhD

Clever and energetic presentations

I loved Dvir’s clever and energetic presentations, and always learned new things.  He fills an important and unique role in the educational world and is a very inspiring, informative and passionate teacher—a rare combination.  His enthusiasm motivates his students to embrace their own passions in their own unique way and to always be the best they can be.

Dr. Fiona Kaufman

Dr Dvir Abramovich is a brilliant speaker. 

He is interesting and informative, widely read and highly experienced in talking to groups of all types, and on a wide range of topics. His well-delivered presentations and dynamic personality inspire audiences. His refreshing candour, intelligence and treasure-trove of knowledge compel audiences to listen and reflect on their perspectives and their view of the world. Dvir has spoken on a number of occasions to our group, and we have always been moved, entertained and delighted with his presentations.  Always interesting and thought-provoking, Dvir Abramovich is a winning speaker for any audience.

Dr Howard a Freeman OAM, President Australian Jewish Historical Society

The result is always impactful. 

Dvir Abramovich manages to generate incredible interaction with his audience, keeping them involved, responsive and mesmerised.  His oratorical skills coupled with his warm and gentle personality endear him to everyone. He knows how to draw people in and is very easy to work with.  If you hear him once, you’ll want to hear him again. The result is always impactful.

Bernard Korbman, Former executive Director of The Jewish Holocaust Museum

Great presentation and message. 

Dvir Abramovich was fantastic. He kept everyone absolutely riveted and people who attended the function could not stop talking about it non-stop.

Tanya Warms, Jewish Museum of Australia

Audiences love him.

Dvir Abramovich is a highly entertaining and relatable speaker and delivers a powerful message that continues in the hearts and minds of those who hear him in a way few can. Audiences love him. As a speaker, he has every quality you could ask for. On top of all that, he is quite personable and a joy to be around.

Walter Rapoport, Council of Christians and Jews

charismatic speaker, informative and articulate.

It was a privilege to have Dvir speak at our Social Club at the Holocaust Centre. Dvir’s lecture hit a chord with our group and we could not have been more pleased with him as our choice as a speaker. Each one feels as though he is speaking directly to them and Dvir always leaves a lasting impression upon his audience. His stories and messages are insightful, powerful and amusing. He is a charismatic speaker, informative and articulate. His warm and charming manner endeared him to all.  We look forward to having him come to speak to us again.

Barbara Sacks, Jewish Holocaust Museum

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