A Touch of Genius: Portraits and Literary Masterpieces


In a collection of passionate, sparkling essays, one of Australia’s leading literary critics presents a fresh and exciting ode to Jewish fiction. Rescuing some brilliant texts from the dustbin of oblivion or from culture’s short-memory, Abramovich, writing with affection and authority, offers gems of critical appreciation and in-depth discussion of masterpieces and iconic authors such as Nobel Prize Winner S.Y. Agnon, Israel’s most celebrated living author Amos Oz, the mesmerising Paul Celan, the incomparable David Grossman, the extraordinary Susan Fromberg Schaeffer, the Israeli “Agatha Christie”, and the early pioneers of Hebrew letters.

Sharing his lifetime joy of reading and engagement with the written word, and showcasing his scholarly erudition, Abramovich effortlessly muses on the nature of writing, and takes readers on an intellectual and philosophical journey through grand thematic landscapes such as memory, the Holocaust, identity, man’s relationship with God, imagination, family, marriage, death and suffering. A celebration and a tribute to old favourites, this delightful volume of reflections and meditations is sure to ignite a fire in discerning readers’ minds, and motivate them to go back to those classics with a renewed sense of excitement. Certain to become a valuable and entertaining guide for anyone who loves Israeli and Jewish fiction, this work will provide inspiration and reason aplenty to turn off the computer or TV and start reading again.

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